After several weeks of fascial counterstrain therapy my back pain, and stiffness was substantially relieved. It felt like I had a normal back. –LH [Read More]

This morning, after my first session yesterday, I put my feet on the floor and walked around with NO heel pain. First time in a year! –DF [Read More]

I have seen so much improvement that I have actually increased my activities. –DS [Read More]

Until my orthopedic Doctor referred me to Horizons and Christine no chiropractic or physical therapy had offered any lasting benefit. There are no words to express my great appreciation and admiration for Christine’s expertise and support. –JH [Read More]

The whole staff is wonderful, very professional, caring and loving in their care. The therapists are constantly learning new techniques in order to give the best possible treatments.–BK [Read More]

Horizons Physical Therapy is a pain free, gentle, unique way of healing the body. The range of motion in my arm increased greatly and without painful exercises.–TR [Read More]

Unlike many other medical experiences, you all made me feel wrapped in friendliness and love. When I came to you, I had severe sciatic nerve pain with every step I took. The pain is now gone, thanks to you!  My balance is better and I have greater flexibility in all my joints. –MG [Read More…]

I tried all sorts of other types of physical therapy and it might take the edge off but this works and I’m a walking testimony (without the cane)–KF [Read More…]

I had given up on much relief.–FZ [Read More…]

I walked out of there on my own.–DW [Read More…]

I have NEVER experienced such improvements as I have under her care!–SH [Read More…]

I can’t thank her enough for giving me back my independence and sense of well-being.–BG [Read More…]

Your (Chrisitne) therapy is the only thing to work for me in two years. I can walk a greater distance without pain and do my job pain free.–WB

She (Christine) takes the time to listen and genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being. –DY [Read More…]

…even though I thought I was going to need surgery — she was able to re-align me without the knife. –LS [Read More…]

Christine’s work literally kept me off of the operating table and has allowed me to be pain free which is invaluable. –ST [Read More…]

Christine was undaunted, listened to my complaints and descriptions of symptoms and calmly went about using her capable hands to release points of pain I didn’t even know I had.–EK [Read More…]

Christine’s knowledge and dedication to pinpoint and treat exactly where the pain and problem areas has made my shoulder so much better than before the injury.–JL [Read More…]

Her approach is different from any I’ve ever had and there was no pain.  In just a short time the spasms had stopped and she released me. — MB [Read More…]

I saw immediate results in my flexibility, which I thought I may never get back.  Also, my shoulder feels great.  I continue to go to physical therapy, looking forward to each session as the results have been amazing.– RB [Read More…]

I was not too sure about making an appointment thinking nothing would probably help but an actual shoulder replacement as cortisone shots no longer helped. I was totally amazed and so happy when Christine worked with my shoulder and in just one hour I felt instant relief. –LB [Read more…]

When I came to [Horizons Physical Therapy] I could hardly walk due to a very painful knee following surgery a year prior to my visit. [Christine Wood, PT, DPT] quickly identified my problem and after two visits I was getting a lot of relief. I am now walking so much better and am so thankful for Christine who has made that possible. — PF

I can now get down and play with my grandchildren without wondering how I am going to get back up from the floor. I have also found the bending and stooping I do as a nurse has become so much easier. My overall mobility and flexibility has improved so much that I look forward to facing the new challenges of life as I get older. — VG [Read More…]

When I came to see Christine Wood, I had a headache, stiff neck, and using a cane. I thought it was old age. Well, she proved me wrong. After my first appointment, my headache disappeared, and the second appointment, my shoulder and neck was better. Well on the third appointment, I walk in with a cane because of my back; to my surprise, I came out carrying my cane! So far, I haven’t needed it. So, after seven weeks I’m pain free. I feel like I’m 40 instead of 70. — MF

I had shoulder pain for 10 years and muscle aches in chest for 5 years. I came to see Dr. Wood and in 3 months no more pain. Great Dr. I would refer her to any one. — JH

Within six therapy sessions, I was able to regain much of my flexibility and was actively working over my head. I immediately cancelled appointments with the surgeon. After nine more visits, I have regained all rotation and flexibility that I had lost many years prior. The strain-counter strain technique was never painful and noticeable improvement was immediate after each session. I am blessed to have been directed to you for therapy. My recovery is just short of miraculous. I am so appreciative of your in-depth answers to my many questions, your adherence to appointment times, your professionalism, and overall exemplary care. — KS  [Read More…]

Christine is a lifelong learner and special person that believes in going the extra mile for her clients. We are fortunate to have Dr. Christine Wood in our area. — GE

Christine was very patient with me and would answer all my questions about the techniques she used. I had countless sessions with Christine that provided immediate pain relief. One example was my pelvic pain, I had complained to Christine about how my pelvic area was very achy, she focused on that area and it went away instantly and I haven’t had any problems since then. — AM [Read More…]

I saw Christine Wood and after the first time I walked out of her office with the wonderful feeling that there is some hope for me.  My lower back was not aching.  I had a spring in my step — felt more energetic — and went on to the grocery store and did my errands without fatigue. — DH [Read More…]

I recently was treated for a knee injury, and was expecting a sore knee after therapy ( from previous physical therapy treatments at other places) and am very pleased to report, that this was not the case. After only two treatments I have no swelling in the knee, and could probably do the jitterbug (if I knew the steps).  — FW [Read More…]

Initially my goal was to reduce the pain, but once I felt the changes in my body taking place, I changed my goal to “Pain Free”!  I have now met my goal and in the past 6 months, I have not had a stiff neck, stress headache nor the back spasms that used to literally lay me out on the floor.   I truly never expected to be free of that pain and still am somewhat in awe of the amazing and wonderful gentle therapy that brought my body back to a state of peacefulness. —  JL [Read More…]

Lots of gain without the pain!! Anyone getting a knee replacement, I strongly urge you to forgo home therapy and just head straight to Horizons. You’ll be glad you did and your knee will be much happier! — JH [Read More…]

Presently, I am officially discharged from her services with a new neck! NO “clunking or grabbing” at all! If I ever have any other P.T. needs, I will certainly return ( and will heartily recommend her to others!) –MM [Read More…]