• Counterstrain

    HISTORY OF COUNTERSTRAIN™ In 1955 Dr. Lawrence Jones, DO, discovered that positioning a patient for comfort could correct complex spinal disorders. The accidental discovery occurred after he … Read More

  • What Are Tender Points?

      Tender points are localized areas that hurt with palpation. They are not always in the area where pain is felt. In fact, they are often on the opposite side of the body. Tender points are … Read More

    What Are Tender Points?
  • Pain Thresholds

    Why do some people have lower pain thresholds than others? Some people abuse their bodies horribly, experience some soreness for a day or so, then fully recover. Others, those with chronic pain, … Read More

    Pain Thresholds
  • Stretching – Good or Bad?

    Stretching—Good or Bad? In a previous blog, I discussed tender points.  In a nut shell, they are areas in the body that represent a deeper more vital structure with restrictions from an injury. The … Read More

    Stretching – Good or Bad?
  • What causes tender points?

    What causes tender points? In some cases it’s obvious what causes our tender points and pain. We fall or get into a car accident-these sorts of events leave little to doubt. But, it is difficult to … Read More

    What causes tender points?

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