Treatments 2

At Horizons Therapy we use a comprehensive evaluation technique that includes special tests for specific disorders as well as checking for symmetry and imbalances throughout the body both in flexibility and strength that may be contributing to the dysfunction. Our evaluations also assess compensatory patterns and identify the potential factors which lead to recurring problems or barriers to full healing.

Therapy at Horizons primarily consists of the new version of Counterstrain. Counterstrain is a technique that allows the therapists at Horizons to identify the source of the problem. The technique is an indirect very gentle glide or positioning that helps to release the restrictions at their origin thus relieving pain, tightness, postural asymmetries, and other symptoms in the body. The body is treated in a very holistic way with the understanding that through the fascial system one area of the body can affect any other area.

Horizons also offers pelvic floor therapy for men and women. Services include treatment for urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic floor pain, prenatal and postpartum pain, postoperative pelvic floor rehabilitation following hysterectomy, prostectomy, or prolapse correction, as well as dyspareunia, and erectile dysfunction. The emphasis is always gentle hands-on care, often noninvasively. When indicated biofeedback and electrical stimulation are utilized as well.

Traditional physical therapy techniques are also used at Horizons Physical Therapy including ergonomic instruction and condition specific therapeutic exercises to be performed at home when appropriate. Pain relieving modalities and exercise equipment are used as indicated for patients with certain diagnoses, especially those recovering from surgery. Horizons Physical Therapy has private treatment rooms as well as a gym setting to treat each individual’s specific needs.

Each patient session is dedicated to personal one on one treatments. Time is taken to listen and fully understand the scope of limitations.