What Are Tender Points?

  Tender points are localized areas that hurt with palpation. They are not always in the area where pain is felt. In fact, they are often on the opposite side of the body. Tender points are the superficial representation of a deeper underlying restriction. These restrictions are located in the fascia, a fibrous covering that completely surrounds all structures in the body. This includes … [Read more...]

Pain Thresholds

Why do some people have lower pain thresholds than others? Some people abuse their bodies horribly, experience some soreness for a day or so, then fully recover. Others, those with chronic pain, can do only minor things to their bodies and yet they have pain that is severely out of proportion and lasts for weeks or longer. And why do people with chronic pain get worse over the years? The … [Read more...]

Stretching – Good or Bad?

Stretching—Good or Bad? In a previous blog, I discussed tender points.  In a nut shell, they are areas in the body that represent a deeper more vital structure with restrictions from an injury. The body recruits muscles and shortens areas to protect organs and vessels when there is an injury or even a threat of injury. If these restrictions get stuck, the body is left in a shortened painful … [Read more...]

What causes tender points?

What causes tender points? In some cases it’s obvious what causes our tender points and pain. We fall or get into a car accident-these sorts of events leave little to doubt. But, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact injury when pain comes on slowly. Sometimes the pain seems to have come out of nowhere, or we even wake up in pain and assume we must have “slept wrong.” Sleeping does not cause … [Read more...]