Testimonial- Shoulder pain

I came to you approximately four months ago with a severely frozen shoulder and an appointment with a surgeon.     I had not been able to raise my right arm above shoulder level even with help for many years. My quality of life had degraded as I was unable to actively participate in the very active life of my three children, unable to conduct any work above shoulder level and was often unable to sleep.

Within six therapy sessions, I was able to regain much of my flexibility and was actively working over my head.  I immediately cancelled appointments with the surgeon.  After nine more visits, I have regained all rotation and flexibility that I had lost many years prior.   The strain-counter strain technique was never painful and noticeable improvement was immediate after each session.

I have found over the last few months that many of my acquaintances suffer from the exact condition that I did.  In tracking their progress, two have received surgery and are just regaining minimal use of their shoulders after eight to 10 weeks.  Others dread therapy because of the extreme pain they are put through during each session.   My recovery has outpaced all others, in spite of my travel schedule that resulted in many extended lapses in therapy and work activities that are less than optimal with regards to healing.

I am blessed to have been directed to you for therapy.   My recovery is just short of miraculous. I am so appreciative of your in-depth answers to my many questions, your adherence to appointment times, your professionalism, and overall exemplary care.  As you know, I have recommended not only the stress-counter stress technique to many coworkers and friends but also Horizons Physical Therapy directly.  I will continue to recommend anyone needing physical therapy to your outstanding service.  Feel free to provide my e-mail address to anyone that may want to discuss my treatment there at Horizons Physical Therapy.