Testimonial- shoulder fracture 40 years ago

I have suffered terribly with bursitis in my left shoulder and pain in my right shoulder which was broken approximately 40 years ago. A church friend who was aware of my condition suggested I see Christine Wood at Horizons Physical Therapy.   Being the skeptical person I am, I was not too sure about making an appointment thinking nothing would probably help but an actual shoulder replacement as cortisone shots no longer helped… However, I did call Horizons and made an appointment. I was totally amazed and so happy when Christine worked with my shoulder and in just one hour I felt instant relief.

I also have neuropathy in my left toes (diagnosed by UVA) which I understand is quite common if you are a diabetic. I am not a diabetic; however have the problem and only in left toes. Christine has worked with my foot and for the first time in several years I can comfortably wear some shoes. Before I could only wear flip flops without severe burning and stinging in my toes.

I would strongly recommend Christine Wood to any person in need of pain relief. She is extremely efficient, honest and after careful evaluation will tell you if therapy is the answer.