Testimonial- Not just age


I am a 57 year old male with injuries typical to someone with an ongoing active lifestyle (shoulder and knee surgeries, ankle sprains, lower back pain) and some slight curvature of the spine.

I have had multiple attempts at pain reduction, strength recovery and increased mobility through common means of physical therapy, exercise and medication. Most of these have helped although none have had the amazing positive results as the therapy I have received at Horizons Physical Therapy.

My wife was a client there and suggested (multiple times) that I go as she has experienced the benefits, first hand. I didn’t buy in to it initially. Their approach was different from anything I have ever known. Different and cutting-edge.

Convinced that my age was simply catching up with me, I made an appointment out of desperation (with some additional prodding from my wife).

I will never doubt that wonderful woman again. I have seen so much improvement that I have actually increased my activities. The results have been far above my expectations. Christine and her staff are committed to this wonderful new approach to physical therapy and are continually learning more.

Whether someone has been around the mill as I have or in need of physical therapy for the first time, Horizons Physical Therapy should be their first consideration. I am an absolute believer.  –DS