Testimonial Frozen shoulder

It was with great reluctance and extremely low expectations that I made an appointment with Christine at Horizons. I had been to two other physical therapists without having my shoulder being restored to full range of motion. I routinely left a PT session crying because the exercises that were expected for me to do were so painful. I ultimately decided to accept the loss of range of motion rather than continue therapy resulting in such pain. Then my husband recommended Christine at Horizons.

Horizons Physical Therapy is a pain free, gentle, unique way of healing the body. The range of motion in my arm increased greatly and without painful exercises. Christine explained everything as she worked on me. I was actually eager to go the next week! Her staff are knowledgeable, caring, and truly invested in my well-being. I definitely do not feel like a number or someone being seen to bring in more money to the practice. Rather, everyone is genuinely there to help people feel better.–TR