Testimonial- Chronic pain

I was born with a bad back……or so I always thought.  I have my mother’s body, her height, her build, her legs and her headaches.  Throughout my life she had back problems, surgeries, traction, periods of time flat on her back.  It was almost normal for her to be in pain.  The first time I “threw my back out” I was 12.  At 16 I spent 2 weeks flat on my back taking heavy duty pain medication.  I accepted it then and for decades to come, as part of my inheritance.  I accepted that I always had to be careful as something so simple as bending over to pick up a dryer sheet or sitting in the wrong chair could put me flat on my back for days.  I’ve been through more traditional physical therapy and learned correct body mechanics for bending and lifting, but the frequent bouts of pain continued.  I accepted that I would always have chronic pain.  About 20 years ago, I fell down a flight of stairs and injured my shoulder.    Since then, I’ve been in physical therapy for the rotator cuff and later, surgery on that shoulder for a torn labrum.  I completed physical therapy after the surgery, but didn’t keep up the exercises.  Over the years the pain slowly crept back into my shoulders.

I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck, so they are prime areas for pain, causing frequent headaches.  Additionally, I would often wake up with a stiff neck and shoulder with pain so intense that I couldn’t turn my head.  It would last 2-3 weeks before going away on its own.  The last time that happened, I was in so much pain I couldn’t work.   Dr. Wood gently released so much of the tension in my shoulder and neck that I walked out of her office with significantly improved range of motion and significantly diminished pain.  I was sold.  We moved slowly, allowing my body to adjust to the releases each week.  I always walked out of her treatment room with an improvement in the pain, but even more important, I would continue to improve through the week.   Often 3-4 days after treatment, I would feel a significant change in my pain level.

Initially my goal was to reduce the pain, but once I felt the changes in my body taking place, I changed my goal to “Pain Free”!  I have now met my goal and in the past 6 months, I have not had a stiff neck, stress headache nor the back spasms that used to literally lay me out on the floor.   I truly never expected to be free of that pain and still am somewhat in awe of the amazing and wonderful gentle therapy that brought my body back to a state of peacefulness.   The twisted sleeping position that managed to put stress on both my shoulder and lower back, turned out to be a symptom, not a cause.  I now sleep comfortably on my side, without the urge to flip half of my body in the other direction.   Everyday things that hurt before, such as driving a car, swimming, playing my flute, doing laundry, pretty much any task that used my shoulders or back are now pain free. My overall quality of life has improved.  As an added bonus, my posture, which also has suffered for most of my life, corrected itself and I stand straighter and taller.  People suddenly noticed that I’ve lost weight… I had actually lost it earlier on, but it didn’t show until I started standing up straight!  The greatest thing is that the changes are lifetime changes, not a temporary relief of symptoms.

Anyone who is suffering from chronic pain, no matter how old (mine lasted 47 years) or brand new pain should make an appointment today.    I wish all of my friends and relatives with pain issues had a Dr. Wood near them so that they could feel the relief I feel.   I know I will always be grateful that she came into my life.  JL