Testimonial- Car Accident

I was referred by my doctor to see Christine Wood after I had a car accident. My case was slightly complicated because I just had a baby a few months prior to the car accident. I was in great health before my car accident and was healing fine after having a baby. After the car accident I had very bad pelvic pain, back pain, and elbow/hand pain. Christine worked with me and realized how different my case was and did a wonderful job getting me back to a better state of comfort. I now have very little aches and pains and I am not as restless when sitting, laying, or standing in the same position for longer periods. Christine was very patient with me and would answer all my questions about the techniques she used. I had countless sessions with Christine that provided immediate pain relief. One example was my pelvic pain, I had complained to Christine about how my pelvic area was very achy, she focused on that area and it went away instantly and I haven’t had any problems since then. I would definitely recommend Christine for anyone seeking physical therapy. – A.M.