Testimonial – Back Trouble

When I was a pup, I can remember being in the pediatrician’s office and as he rubbed his hand over the curve of my back, he told my mother “this boy is going to have back trouble.”  Later I learned that my mother also had back trouble.  Sure enough, that doctor was prophetic because in 1977 at the age of 29 I had an L-5 lumbar laminectomy.  I have had back issues ever since but nothing debilitating for more than a day or two.  This year 40 years later my luck ran out.  I had for the last couple years awakened to a “hitch” on my right side just above the hip.  My primary care physician diagnosed is as a problem with the IT Band.  He gave me two prescriptions, one of which was for physical therapy.  Horizons had been recommended to me by a patient of the practice.

I made an appointment and waited for the initial evaluation by Christine Wood.  She explained the treatment technique and philosophy behind it.  She explained the role of the fascia and its influence on nerves and arteries and how to release the restrictions.  She explained the map and the scanning of the head to identify locations in the anatomy.  Fascinating.  I have received treatments for a couple months and while not each session results in a silver bullet, each session leads to the one where there is a step function improvement.  The cumulative result of my treatment is that my “normal” now is better than it was before the problem.

Horizons is a magic shop.  You go there with a problem, the staff performs the fascia magic and you get fixed.  The office and staff make you feel comfortable from the time you walk in the door and you leave saying “Wow, that was nice”. -ST