Testimonial- auto accident relief after years of pain

Having been in an auto accident in 1991 with severe whiplash to my neck and chest, I have been to many Physical Therapy sessions! Most were quite painful and exhausting! Chiropractic Manipulation seemed to make me feel worse and most times was also quite painful!. When I decided to not return for further manipulations and told my Chiropractor, she suggested Physical Therapy at Horizons. I was quite reluctant to go that route again..however, the pain threshold was too high not to try again.
THANK GOD for urging me to GO! I have NEVER experienced such improvements as I have under her care! When I went, my body was actually twisted and I could not stand erect! In less than 4 visits, I was straight, pain reduced and FEELING WONDERFUL! The sessions were relaxing, rejuvenating to Body, Mind and SOUL! TRULY! She has corrected problems that have plagued me for years! She is STILL making improvements in my body, and teaching me ways to strengthen the weak muscles, and relax the over-extended ones! Did I mention how relaxed and wonderful one feels after a session? YES! I DID! and I shall continue to proclaim this wonder! If you have pain, discomfort, alignment problems..this IS THE LADY TO SEE! CALL NOW..she is greatly in DEMAND! Be patient for an appointment because the wait will be worth it! Physical Therapy at Horizons is better than a SPA TREATMENT! –SH