Testimonial – Pain during and after pregnancy

When I got to about month 6 of pregnancy, I began to be in constant pain. I felt as though my baby girl was as low as she could be. I also started noticing it becoming more and more difficult to lift my legs until one day I couldn’t. When I brought this up at my [doctor’s] appointment I was told she was most likely on a nerve and all things would be as they were after delivery. Talk about a long 3 months.

After having my baby, I addressed the issue again as it was worsening and not getting better. I was referred to a physical therapist who was also on maternity leave but I knew I couldn’t wait. Upon my own research I asked to be transferred to Horizons Therapy. It was truly a God thing I ended up where I did. When I started therapy I could not lie down or get up on my own. I had no strength or control to lift my legs or change positions. I could not use the bathroom without being in excruciating pain. When asked what my pain was from 1 to 10, I gave it a 13. Valerie didn’t change my life, she gave life back to me. I didn’t realize how bad off I was mentally from what I was going through physically. Each and every time that I walked in and back out of that office I felt like a new woman. There was a time I didn’t think my life would be the same. I truly don’t think anyone else would have known what to do with me or been able to help me the way that Valerie and the team at Horizons has helped me!! I am forever grateful for her knowledge, skill and support. -M.P.